Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cargo shorts - Tie Dye Diva

I am still on the path of sewing up shorts for Mr K. I switched patterns to use the Tie Dye Diva's Cargo Shorts Patterns. This is a size eight, and sadly the maximum size for this pattern so this will be one of the last pairs for Mr K. I have made these shorts before, back in about 2003.

It is a very easy sew with a faux fly and optional cargo pockets. Instead of cargo pockets, I added my own version of back pockets with topstitching.

Mr K loves the fit and the fabric. For a moment, I was a bit worried about the print (perhaps a bit young?) but he says that he loves elephants, and it is even better that they are eating apples!. Mr K does love his fruit!

The fabric is drill from the bargain bin in Spotlight. I don't have high hopes for fabric longevity but hopefully it will get Mr K through round the house wear for the year.


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Going Coastal - Busy Boys Shorts

It seems that I did have another pair of the Pattern Emporium Busy Boys Everyday shorts in me!

This pair, still in size 8 for Mr K, are made using the Going Coastal fabric by Michael Miller combined with some astrologically themed fabric from Spotlight (I thought the blue and white went well with the orange).

This time, I added the side pockets with a pocket tab and button.

I also realised that I had been omitting the topstitching down the front, but this is also a bit of my personal preference. I really prefer this topstitching best when there is a front fly. Anyway, Mr K didn't care or notice. Maybe next time?

I have maybe one or two more pairs of shorts to make to replenish his supply. I have moved onto a different pattern though....


I was not successful in pattern matching at the side seams but at least I did get the crabs lining up along the bottom. And I did have a minor heart flutter when I thought I had cut the shorts out upside down but then remembered I had checked and the pattern is two-way! I should have lined up the crabs better on the waistband but I was struggling with limited meterage and, to be honest, the thought didn't cross my mind until now. This is why I prefer to work with a more random print! I do love this fabric though and it will be perfect for Australia Day.