Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Big Dreams Embroidery banners

I think I am love with the machine embroidered banners from Big Dreams Embroidery! I saw them on Facebook and have been smitten every since. They are great for using up pieces of fabric and are made "in the hoop" using the my sewing machine embroidery.

It is hard to show the whole string of bows and hearts but here is a sample. I have made this as a gift. The designs also make great gift tags. For the one I had left over, I just sewed on the name after it was made up, then threaded ribbon through and tied around the gift. I have shaded out the name to allow some surprise for the recipient!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Terra Treasures Long Beach Board Shorts

It has been a while between finished projects but another crafty retreat over a weekend provided the opportunity to knock over a few projects. These are the Terra Treasures Beach Long Board Shorts.

I love this pattern comes in up to size 14 so I have quite a few years of use left in it, unlike other patterns that only go up to size 8. I love that the designer recognises that boys and girls are different shapes so has both options in the one pattern and you cut according to gender.

The piping adds a bit of zing. These were cut in size eight so a touch large for Mr K just yet and he hasn't been in the mood to be co-operative and model. Most (all days) he prefers just to wear his plain blue school shorts. Maybe if we have a special occasion he will dress up a bit for me?

I hope to be back one day with modelled shots!

The first pair is using fabric from Spotlight (still available August 2014).


 Second pair using quilting cotton from



The cross stitch on the front is one of the (many) stitch options on my sewing machine.