Friday, January 11, 2008

Christmas Day

Better late than never...
We had a wonderful Christmas day. A day with the family, the usual flurry of present opening, a lovely lunch, a swim in the pool (for those who were game, the water was a bit cool), playing with new toys, more food, lots of laughs together.

Santa bought some wonderful presents for Kaiden...

this fab rugby shirt with his own name

a knitted soaker made by Sharyn from Virgo Knits who has a craft stash that outdoes anyone I know, she calculated that her new house would need six single car garages to accommodate her knitting machines, sewing and wool stash, plus tables she uses for quilting!

dump truck and decorated initial and utility box (see previous posts).

From us Kaiden received a set of blocks and ride-on cow (hard to describe but trust me it will be fun), a train from Nan and Pop, stick-on non-slip bath stickers from Lynda, cute shoes and socks from Toula, romper and book from the Wakefields, Little people builders from the Lindsays, money from Grandad (will buy something fun) and tambourine turtle from the Marsdens.

Our neighbour Vicki gave me this wonderful covered diary in velvet...lovely to stroke!

Some photos from Christmas day...
Kaiden gives cousin Jared some Christmas cuddles

kisses for Daddy

Jared loves Christmas

So does our nephew Tom

Harry doesn't worry about the wrapping

We smashed open the pinata on Boxing Day. This is our nephew Ben (under the pillowcase) in action.

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Susan C said...

That diary is gorgeous. Almost too good to use.

Looks like a fun day was had by all.