Monday, July 27, 2009

Steve the Croc finally finished. It took me a while amongst other projects I've been working on. I think using minky made it extra hardier as the fabric doesn't stretch and slips around when sewing it. But I like the finished Croc and I hope Kaptain K does too as it is going to be his special gift from 'turtle'. It is using a Funky Friends pattern. Pauline from Funky Friends gave me amazing support and encouragement as I was creating the Croc especially as I am suffering from 'pregnancy brain' and things seem to take me three times longer to understand. I enlarged the pattern to fit A3 paper and used green minky from a fabric co-op bought about two years ago and fleece from Lincraft.


Beetlehouse Designs said...

OH WOW!!! That's the best looking croc I have ever seen. Well done. You should be so proud. He looks amazing.

funkyfriendsfactory said...

Hey Susan, It's lovely for me to see your croc - he's turned out so cute! You are right, his nose has turned out more pointy than the original - maybe he is an alligator!!!!
Thanks for all the nice things you said! I'm just thrilled you finished him - he is adorable!