Saturday, September 26, 2009

Star signs

Our friend Linda complied a special and very detailed astrology chart for Kaiden, and has offered to do one for Jordan as well. But from a site Astrobabes here's a quick insight into our two boys according to the their sun sign.

Kaiden - SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23--Dec 21)

This child is a boisterous scatterer of energy. He goes straight to the point but doesn't always stick around to reap the benefits. He's cheerful and optimistic, perhaps expecting too much from the world. Generous with friends, he will share without counting the cost. He is courageous and loves to explore in every sense of the word. A tendency to over-eat can be counter-balanced by a love of sport.

Personality key: Optimistic, full of expectation, friendly, generous, indulgent, fair, free, philosophical, playful and energetic.

Parent power: Committed parents can teach Baby Sagittarius focus and application.

Jordan - LEO (July 24--Aug 23)

This child is not afraid to be himself and loves to show others how good he is. His sheer vitality makes him the eternal performer who thrives in the spotlight. Energetic and generous, with a deep need for recognition, his creative skills are there to be released into the world. Leo is a loyal friend and champion -- whatever he does, he does wholeheartedly.

Personality key: Wholehearted, dramatic, romantic, energetic, generous, brave, grand and excitable.

Parent power: If taught to recognise that others have strengths too, Baby Leo can become a positive force in life.

Sibling compatability
These two outgoing children will get along really well. They both have sparkling personalities and will make friends easily, both with one another and with people from outside the family. Their interests will be similar, in that both of them like to perform. Leo likes to show off talents in acting, dance or music -- while Sagittarius sticks to academics and sports. It's fortunate that their main interests don't coincide, because they'll be less competitive that way. There will be some rivalry, though, and that will center on the attention they get from you. Try to give them both the kind of positive reinforcement that will encourage them to keep trying to be the best at what they do. These two are sure to fill your house with laughter. And, with so much in common, these two will happily remain friends through their later lives, as they thrive on sharing their further adventures.

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