Monday, September 6, 2010

EB Kid's sewing swap - received for Jordan

We received this very cute little outfit (I now have the best-dressed boys in town) from Naomi who lives in Maryborough. And yes, Naomi I hope I can pop in one day when we are up their visiting to say 'hi'. Naomi admitted that was just getting back into sewing again but when you see this outfit you would never know! Unfortunately it was a bit hard to photograph on a little boy who would not sit still but there is a denim vest with pockets and topstitching, a pair of denim shorts (I love the topstitching on these especially), a t-shirt with a cute puppy embellishment and hat. Naomi also crochets and sent a beanie for the cooler weather and some special treats for me - a pincushion and some chocolates!!!
Thanks Naomi - the way you styled this outfit is just amazing. There are some closer looks on Naomi's blog

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