Monday, September 6, 2010

Jordy turns one

Our little guy turned one a couple of weeks ago and celebrated with a special party with family. Kaiden picked out the birthday cake, of course from the Women's Weekly cake book, and it had to be a train.

A whole afternoon of work was spent cutting, icing and decorating by Brett and his special helper Kaiden. Kaiden especially thought it was alot of fun.

Laying down the tracks and wheels

In the morning ready for the cake even before the party has begun

The cake (notice all the wheels are on.. one by one they slowly started to fall off)

Front view

Kaiden also made jelly cups, after all he is known as the "jelly king".

Getting ready to blow out the candle.

Nothing like a good feed of cake!

Opening presents

Happy birthday to our little guy. May you have many more wonderful years surrounded by the love of family and friends.

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Susan C said...

Happy birthday Jordan.

That cake looks terrific - just like the photo in the book. Well done K and B.