Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Boy's outfit April 2011 EB Children's Sewing Swap

Today was opening and the big "reveal" day for the EB sewing swap. Here are the full details of what I sewed for Paisley (Wendy) which was the first outfit I finished.

The outfit was for Wendy's little boy, who is on the smallish side, and loves brights and skulls. It was a bit hard to find the two together but I spied spy some fabric at Spotlight, and inspired by this shirt I decided to be a bit daring with my colour combinations!

The pattern I had made before so it was easy to do again although I do wish that it would have a more than 1/4 inch seam allowance. The shirt looks different to my previous version as I varied the fabric and made it in panels.

I embroidered the back piece using a Bunnycup Embroidery. It is an applique so the sewing machine does most of the work, it is just a bit time consuming changing colours and taking the hoop out of the machine to position and cut the fabric. I love the end result though!

For the pants, I was going to make shorts but after reading Wendy's later post (which was after I had purchased the fabric), I decided that I would make long pants and line them. I used a tutorial from here by ikat bags to line them and to make the tabs so the bottoms could be rolled up - hopefully allowing the pants to be worn if they were too long. This tutorial was part of the "Celebrate the Boy" blog feature in 2010.

Instead of sewing the tab onto the pants though I made a buttonhole at either end so the tab could be removed if it was not needed.

The back

The front

And I also made this little pincushion using an embroidery design from Urban Threads. This is the first time that I have made something "in the hoop" which basically meant that I embroidered a front, then a back and then sewed the two together and stuffed it.

Sewn for: Hamish aged 3
Pattern: Top - Scientific Seamstress Bowling Shirt. Pants - Burda 9793, Bunnycup Embroidery "On the move"
Fabric: Quilter's fabric, broadcloth (shirt and pants), drill

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