Friday, April 1, 2011

Little Explorer Shorts

It was very sad to look in Kaiden's drawer for around the house clothes and find a pile of NOTHING! Perhaps we were a little behind in the washing but regardless I thought it was time to sew him up a new pair of shorts.
I (or rather my sewing machine) made a big boo boo with the embroidery for the front of the pants so I made up a couple of panels to sew on. I didn't take alot of my usual care with sewing as these are most probably going to be worn to daycare/around the house but I still love how it looks. Kaiden said he loves them too and started to make up a story about how the dino was walking to the volcano!

Pattern: Little Explorer Shorts, Make It Perfect, size 4
Made for: Kaiden
Alterations: omitted pockets
Fabric: Denim from stash, contrast cuff from Lincraft remnant bin

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Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

they are super cute! Oh I hate it when embroidery goes astray. Especially when it is a large stitchout and the error happens just at the end, it is sometimes tear worthy. i love your patches. My Sami needs about 5 pairs of these for nursery! I better get moving.