Monday, May 23, 2011

Quilts for Queensland

During the Queensland floods I felt positively helpless and wanted to find a way to let people know that they were in our thoughts. Retro Mummy is co-ordinating Quilts of Queensland drive and I made some 12 1/2 inch blocks to contribute to the cause.

A handmade quilt is great to snuggle under. It keeps you warm. It can help a house feel like a home. It is like a huge hug.

I've made nine blocks in total which should be enough for a small quilt. It now just needs sashing (the pieces that join the blocks together), backing and quilting. I'm hoping that someone can help with this as I don't have any suitable fabric for this or the time/expertise to do the quilting.

Nine blocks for quilts for Queensland

One of the finished blocks

Most of the fabric was gifted to me by a fellow Essential Baby quilter; some are leftovers from other projects and I bought some small pieces from Spotlight as I don't have much quilting fabric in my fabric stash.

1 comment:

AJ said...

A pale pink or ivory would like nice as a sashing. The blocks look cute. GIve me a shout if no-one else can help.