Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Modelled Hotshot


Look at our gorgeous little boy. All of a sudden he is nearly two (in August) and boy does he have a personality of his own! Strong willed, determined. But there is no doubt that he 100% loves his Mummy and over the past few weeks he has clung to me madly as if I am the centre of his universe and he is worried that I'm going to leave him forever. I'm sure it will be just a phase and before I know it he will be wanting to go to the pub with his big brother and they will drive off (in our car) and return in the early hours of the morning.

Sugar baby


Before you think how quick I am to have whipped this one off the needles, reality is that I've completed very little lately and this this Sugar baby vest by Lisa Flett had been sitting in my work in progress (WIP) pile for quite a while. There must have been a reason why I started to knit it a size large last year for K! But now it is finally finished and very wearable although I think could do with a little more in the length but that's OK as it will be passed down to J for next winter.

I love the colours in the hand-dyed wool. The colourway is called "Jungle Fever" with greens, browns and orange.

It is meant to have a pocket on the front but after a game of yardage chicken (which I was bound to lose), I sacrificed the pocket in order to be able to finish off the hood. Unlike most of my other knits, this pattern is knitted flat so needed seaming (sewing together). My verdict is that I definitely prefer knitting in the round (that is, on circular needles) and now that I have a little more experience under my needles I will never go back to flat needles and sewing pieces together unless it is absolutely necessary!

Sugar baby by Lisa Flett
Wool: Dyed Woolganics "Jungle Fever" by The Dye Pot
Knitted for: Kaiden