Friday, August 5, 2011

A Bitti Bump

Another quick and easy knit which is going to be gifted. It is in the 18 month size but I think it could be worn from 12 months+ and would be cross-seasonal wear for here in Brisbane. It is using double-stranded wool (ie two different wools knitted together) which actually didn't cause too many complications for me. Using bulky wool and big needles, if I had sat down and not had any distractions (eg internet), it would have been finished over a couple of nights (remembering that I go to bed early nowdays.
Bitti Bump

The pattern is Bitti Bump by Gina Bonomo and it goes from newborn up to size 4 so I see a few of these quick and easy knits in my future. There is a boy version of the pattern as well but it only goes up to one year so way too small for our boys.

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