Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Turning 5

Being five will be a big year - starting prep, perhaps a bike with pedals?

To celebrate, K invited his friends which is quite a mix (daycare, gymnastics, swimming, neighbours, relatives) to a Ben 10 party.

Held in a local park, we were fortunate that the weather cleared enough to give us a morning to hold it outdoors.

We included a couple of games...

Save the alien - The kids had to use cups of water to defrost the ice and rescue the alien trapped inside. A popular game and one Dad commented that he was going to freeze a marble in a giant bucket of ice for his boy's party so the game would last for ages.

Three-legged alien race - The kids were a bit young for this but it was still fun to try. Jordy looks so determined!

There was also the meteor race golf ball on a spoon) and the meteor throw (water balloons). We tried to hang the doughuts from the tree to eat without touching but under the humid weather the doughnuts didn't cooperate and collapsed until piles of sugary dough! Not a good game for summer or try iced doughnuts which have more stablity.
The cake
One layer of white chocolate mud cake on top of a layer of dark chocolate mud cake. This was Brett's first adventure into fondant and it looked terrific! We purchased the fondant ready made which is definately a plus. Next time - mental note to buy black fondant first up to save a trip back to the cake shop.

I think we will do fondant again as despite a few hiccups (like finding some corners nibbled off and fingers in the fondant), Brett said it wasn't all that hard and he is the cake decorator in this house (and available for hire!).

We used flour to make some pictures on the ground.

K loved the celebration and his friends had a great time too.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


This year I've kept any Christmas sewing to the "nice and simple". Apart from the tea bag wallets, the only other sewing I've had a chance to do is some headbands. Great for using up scraps and pretty quick to sew. There are a few tutorials around on the interne. The Long Thread has a nice tutorial. Do you have any other ideas for using up fabric leftovers to share?