Sunday, April 15, 2012

My $3.50 Donna Karan (or Vogue 1169)

This Donna Karan designed pattern by Vogue (Vogue 1179) has received some great reviews over on the website Pattern Review and when I saw some grey graphic stretch fabric on the clearance table at Spotlight, I thought the two could make a good combination.  And for $3.50 total for the fabric, I didn't see any reason not to go ahead with a test run. 

While Brett refers to this as my "sack dress", the advantange is that it is comfy, easy to wear and easy to sew (and this version was cheap!).  While compliments were not flowing at home, there were some from fellow Mums at a children's party on the weekend, so I'm still swaying between "yay" or "nay".

Secretly though I was a little bit happy when the weather was cooling down so I could start wearing it as it is a nice change from jeans and a tee.  Combined with tights, it is a safe combination for venturing out with a toddler who still persists on being cuddled and carried.  Dressing up with a cardie and scarf is easy or I just wear it with tights and a pair of ballet flats.

While after the intial  "sack" comment, I quickly disposed of the pattern, I did have a change of heart and won a copy of the pattern back through a blog competition hosted by the Perfect Nose.  Thank you TJ!! I think this pattern and me is just meant to be.  Although every time I look at the photo, it looks like I have something hiding under that middle. 




My full pattern review is here.

PS.  I'm also looking for a nice red lipstick so if you have any recommendations please let me know in your comments. 


Carmel Morris said...

I think it looks lovely. $3.50 is a bargain for the fabric and it looks comfortable, too. I guess you could make it look less sack-like with a belt?

prttynpnk said...

This is such a fabulous fabric and it looks so frisky and comfortable....I like it!

thornberry said...

I've made this three times, and love it! Mine are about tunic length, and I wear them with leggings and a cardi when it's cooler. I do wear them a lot, despite the sack element (I don't mind a sack) and I think that yours looks great!

theperfectnose said...

Oh that's awesome, I'm glad the pattern arrived safely. I can't belive you got that fabric at Spotties! PS- You might want to install disqus because not everyone has a Google login and disqus lets people keep track of comment responses etc and has built in anti-spam so people don't have to type the confusing recaptcha words (I've messed them up even with glasses on). It'll definitely let more people comment for sure.

Val McMullen said...

I love the comfy fit of that!  I'll have to try that one out for me.  I've got 2 girls plus a daughter in law to sew for and I rarely get time to sew for me...  But this looks like a good one to do!
Found you on the Vogue pattern review on FB.

Val McMullen said...

 my blog is

Sarah Haag said...

That fabric, oh my word!  This is absolutely gorgeous!

Glenda said...

Very cute!  I saw this on the Vogue FB page and had to come look at your blog because of the little man standing next to you.  Made me laugh --- so kid-typical!  You're both adorable!

Pip Olde said...

i think it looks great! I have this pattern sitting uncut in my stash and this has inspired me to dig it out.