Sunday, April 29, 2012

Treasure Vest


Once upon a time (about a year ago), a knit designer called Tot Toppers hosted a knit-a-long for the release of her new pattern.  This was where people knitted from the same pattern at once.  To make it even more of a surprise it was a mystery one – so she released only pattern of the pattern (in sequence) at one time.  

Now my work life is full of deadlines and milestones but somehow that doesn’t convert into my after-hours existence.  So I dropped behind and a year later, have finally completed this Treasure Vest so called as there is a little pocket on the front for little boys to hide their treasures.  Fortunately I had the foresight to have another boy so when I knit for the older child, it can be worn for by the younger one when it is finally finished.  I counted the knits in the drawer last night and the tally is Kaiden: 1, Jordan: 3 (two of these were gifted to me by a lovely fellow knitter from Ravelry).

The stumbling block was picking up the stitches for the second armhole.  This took me ages just to do (don’t ask!) and then there was the little embroidery on the pocket which I decided to add.   It’s my first go at this kind of embellishment and I used a free pattern from Watermellish.  Not perfect but that will just take practise I think!


The strange thing is that when I went to block this, the wool seemed to have stretched out of shape from when I hand washed.  It seemed to dry better but we'll see how this yarn holds out.  It had a good test run today with lots of climbing and playing but already needs to be washed again thanks to fete goodies (think sugary and sticky!).

Apparently it is best practice to do a swatch and block it  to check your gauge before starting a project. Of course, this is a new concept to me. 

I had this finished a couple of weeks ago but it has only just turned cool enough to bring out the knits.  

Yarn: Bendigo Wool, Luxury 8 ply
Pattern: Treasure Vest by Tot Toppers

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Karen said...

Who is this adorable grown up boy!!!
He's so cute Susan - and the vest is lovely too - the little pocket is very sweet.