Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ruby Milo

Our little boys do lots of things that make me smile.

The other day I was packaging up some baby items which I had sold and K expressed his displeasure, "But Mum you will need this when WE have another baby."

Sorry little guy.  There will not be another baby, little J is it, our family is complete. 

But this got me to wondering - where exactly was this coming from?

And then it dawned on me that recently his best school mate was blessed with a little sister. So perhaps K thought that it would be a good idea/how families are/lots of fun to have another sibling. It's nice though that he would like to have lots of other kids around - like he isn't selfish - he has a giving heart :)

Talking about the little sister, I've only just finished this little set for the little Miss.  It's nice and soft and warm and PINK!  I've made the vest pattern a couple of times before so it was easy to get into and the hat is called the Emergency 1 Day Hat which actually took me longer than one day due to tiredness and silly mistakes.  It makes a cute set! Unfortunately I didn't get a good pic as I had to wrap it for next-day delivery.


Pattern: Milo by Georgie Hallam
Emergency 1 Day Hat

Yarn: Woolganics