Saturday, March 2, 2013

That cheeky Jordy!

It is so wet outside, and the rain is predicted to continue for days so I thought I would go ahead anyway and show a work-in-progress photo (pardon the face I think he was pretending to be a dog sniffing) of the little vest I have nearly finished for Jordan.

The pattern is called "That cheeky Kea!" and like my favourite patterns is knitted on circular needles. With this one I have a love-hate relationship with the pockets. I found it fiddly to do them and I hate fiddly! I also wish that I had knitted a size up as even though I added a little more length, I think it could do with a bit more.

The yarn is Bendigo Wool 10ply hand dyed by a lady on Ravelry.  The colour is called "Buzz" and is very colourful! I have finished the pockets now and they are in a purple colour and once the wear warms up I will block it and add the green buttons. I'll come back with a photo of the finished product then (perhaps in a week or so..).

That cheeky kea! WIP

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