Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good reasons to swatch - Yet another Hotshot

I have a confession. I have never knitted a swatch. A swatch is a test square knitted BEFORE you start your real garment so you can ensure that your knitting (tension, yarn, needle selection) matches the pattern so your sizing turns out right. If I was knitting for myself I would definitely do a swatch. For children's wear I've never swatched, and never had a problem..until now. 

In some regards this looks ok, but the perfectionist in me says it should look better. But it still wearable and still has gone into K's wardrobe. I still love this pattern (the Hotshot by Julia Stansfield) and it has a number of options for the neckline. I gave K his pick, and he went with the collar. I think it is too loose at the neckline and doesn't seem to sit right but then when I look at the pattern examples it seems to be designed that way so perhaps swatching wouldn't make a difference and K also had narrow shoulders which makes it sit strangely.

This is the third time I've knitted this pattern, and I feel I still have more to come (it goes up to size 10 years)!

P1040222 (Medium) 

P1040221 (Medium)

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