Saturday, December 21, 2013

He wears Christmas shorts for a crazy $3.24

After months (maybe a year?) of neglecting the machine embroidery feature of my sewing machine, I went into overdrive and made two pairs of Christmas shorts, one for each of my boys. This was in between making the Christmas peasant dresses that I blogged earlier this week.

I may have also spent up big in the Thanksgiving sales where most of the machine embroidery websites featured sales. The opportunity (my zing for embroidery and the sales) was too good to pass up!

The fabric is a light grey colour from Spotlight, purchased in the post-Christmas sale last year. It is a solid fabric in weave and weight, more like curtaining material, but still soft enough to wear. It was $3.24 per metre on sale post-Christmas.

Now I don't normally sew matchy-matchy for my two as I'm not a big fan of it, but hey I had the fabric so I made them from the same fabric but used different embroideries.

The pattern is the MADE short pattern (again). I've read some reviews say the pattern runs small. But the fit is spot on for K and J, although both boys are on the slender side and are in the early months of their pattern year (7 and 4).

The embroideries were from several sites. My favourite remains Bunnycup Embroidery. Sets are still on sale in December for $7.50 per set.

K's shorts feature designs from Bunnycup's Sassy Christmas and Christmas Sentiments Five. The checklist applique (my least favourite as the embroidery is not as solid as Bunnycup Embroider) is from Blasto Stitch.

 This embroidery pictured above is highly appropriate for when K is standing next to his brother.

 J is wearing the Mustachemas Christmas tree from Planet Applique. The reindeer pocket was purchased from DesignsByJuJu and we have another design from Bunnycup embroidery.

 J loved talking about his shorts at the playgroup Christmas party and K thinks I'm the best sewist in the world! I love my boys.

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