Monday, April 21, 2014

April sunlight brings paper lanterns

I love sitting on our deck as the cooler weather hits. The morning sunlight is warming without being sweaty hot! I took advantage of the Easter break and opportunity to loiter on the deck (and watch evening movies) to knit up a Paper Lanterns cowl.

It is knit in a bulky wool from Lincraft and while I love the pattern, I think it is too heavy and thick for our Queensland winter weather. Maybe I will feel differently once our winter comes! I'm not discouraged though as I still love this pattern and plan to knit up in an 8ply more suitable for our seasons. I also think the 8ply will showcase the lovely pattern more which was inspired by the tradition of making a wish on a floating lantern and sending it downstream or off into the atmosphere. This stitch pattern resembles tiny, candle lit lanterns, carrying your wish off into the universe.

In the pattern examples, they show the version using bulky wool worn over the shoulders.

Here is my version while it is blocking:

And here is a selfie:

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