Sunday, April 13, 2014

Back from retreat 2014

I was fortunate again to go on a crafting retreat over a recent weekend. It was great to get away for a weekend of crafty only interrupted by chat, coffee, meals and sleep! No cleaning, no cooking, no complaints, just crafting!

I used it as my annual scrapbooking time, and completed 13 full pages. This is a record for me! I went to the Kaisercraft warehouse a couple of weekends prior and stocked up on some new (for me) papers and embellishments. I also picked up a template which was a worthwhile investment. Together with my scrapbooking buddy, we used it a couple of different ways over the weekend.

My apologies for the quality of the photos, but I figured I would rather spend my time crafting rather than taking and editing pics. 

Here's a sample of my scrapping over the weekend:

The photo from Georgetown (above) is my favourite page. I used the template with my watercolour pencils and then added water for the lovely colours. Stanley (featured in the pic) was such a character and had great biking leg muscles, obviously as it was his living pedalling around hefty tourists!

We had an awesome time on our Malayasia holiday. J asked to go back there all the time! I will blog the trip report one day. 

For the next retreat, I think I might be tempted to take my sewing machine and sewing though next time to sew down my stash. It will be another retreat again later in the year (August). It gives me a few months to prepare for some serious stitching!

At the retreat a lady was telling me about 'Project Life'.  To date I have been ignoring this concept but it seems like a great way to combine scrapping and a photo album. It also would be a realistic way to put together all our holiday and yearly pics into some sort of order and showcase.

Anyone do Project Life and what are your thoughts and tips?

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