Monday, April 21, 2014

Madonna meets Cyndi Lauper

On the Saturday night of the craft retreat, the party theme was the 80s. Now I have lived through the 80s but had no remnants (legwarmers anyone?) left in my wardrobe. After a mini-wardrobe panic, I settled on sewing up a Madonna-like skirt. 

Then, at Spotlight I couldn't find the fabrics I wanted (white) so I went with a black satin base with pink tulle.

So I drew up a half-circle skirt using a web tutorial (quite simple really but I needed help with the maths) and then attached layers of the pink tulle over the top. I just did a rolled hem on the edges of the tulle and skirt. 

I tried it on for fit and style and the verdict was that it was not 80s enough - it needed more colour.

Thanks to quite expensive tulle from Lincraft, I added layers of neon yellow and purple and presto - an 80ish skirt. I made the layers different lengths and different widths so it was a layered look. I quickly stitched on an elastic waistband.

I added a white slouch tee (purchased new - how sad this means they are coming back into fashion) and pink and black bangles from the cheap shop (also purchased new - so in fashion). Then I wrapped a spare piece of the pink spotted tulle around my waist and wore it all over fishnet stockings (which I add are mighty uncomfortable to wear!).

So a mix of the old and the new and there you go! Sorry no modelled shot. Maybe I'll have a pic from the retreat to share down the track.


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Annette said...

Here from PR and love this skirt! The colors are fun, fun, fun! Good job!