Sunday, September 28, 2014

Memories of Malaysia - Day 2 Oct 19 Exploring KL

The first day in Kuala Lumpur was dedicated to exploring the city. First stop was breakfast. We asked Su Yi's mum for the name of a good nearby eatery for breakfast as we find it is best to always ask a local :). She recommended a cafe on the corner, which we could see from our apartment window. It was a short walk from the apartment and well-frequented by locals, including police officers who worked nearby at the police headquarters.

There was a huge range of savoury delights. We didn't sample from the buffet although it was popular with the locals. 

We stuck with ordering cheese roti which we had never tried before and found to be delicious. This was made to order on the griddle and was basically the roti folded over with a Kraft cheese slice melted in the middle. It was served with a side bowl of condensed milk or a light curry sauce. Sugar is subsisided in Malaysia and we found lots of it added to breads and coffee.



On following days we were to also try banana roti and nutella roti. The coconut milk was fresh and at room temperature.

It was not a favourite.

From here we walked to Jalan Alor, a street lined with outdoor restaurants.

 We thought floss made from meat was a bit unusual....

It was still mid-morning so the street was pretty quiet. We explored a corner supermarket and purchased some Malayasian treats.


Sick of walking (already) we grabbed a taxi into the Petronas Towers. At that stage we hadn't realised that the monorail station was so close to our apartment. The taxi fare was about $3 AUS. Taxis varied from being metered to being a fixed price (even if the car signage said they were metered). The regulation was that they run off a meter but that seemed to be a flexible rule according to the taxi driver. I preferred to take a monorail over taking a taxi as I didn't really like to barter over a fare or to be quoted a fixed price. I guess because it was so different to how it works in Oz.

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