Thursday, October 16, 2014

Memories of Malaysia - Day 5 KL Bird Park, OMG, Lot 10

After a lie-in and swim, we headed off on the monorail back to KL Sentral and then a train to the KTM Old Railway Kuala Lumpur Station.

It was a long, hot walk up the hill to the bird park. Once in, we headed to the bird show where we saw parrots doing tricks and hornbills flying through the air. The show was simple but the kids loved it.

 The parrots were very clever and drove the little cars.

 And worked out how to do a puzzle.
 The bird knew exactly where the ball was!
 Walking away from the bird show stadium, we saw lots of monkeys just lying around on top of the aviaries.

 We sat down for a while in front of a little waterfall.
There were lots of different types of birds, some types we hadn't seen before.

 Most of the birds were walking around inside the park.



Some birds we were familiar with.


 The heat made us a little crazy.

Mr J took control of the camera and was obsessed by bottoms.


At the fish pond, we purchased some food for the fish (and drinks for ourselves!). Mr J was a real celebrity with a visiting group of businessmen from Sri-Lanka. 

 I told J he should start charging a photo fee!

It was all good until J fell into the fish pond. He just leaned over a bit too far while he was feeding the fish! He was OK, it gave him a fright but we had no dry clothes for him. Fortunately his clothes dried out quickly in the humidity! (There is no photo as he was too distressed at the time.)

Despite K's hesitations, we had our photo taken with the birds. The attendants placed the birds one by one on us and instructed them to stay still for the photo. They were so well trained.  I'm glad we had the photo taken, it was such fun,despite the fact that I look like I am melting! Mr K is keeping a close eye on the bird.

Learning our lesson from getting there, we took a cab back to the city centre which was a set fee (18 rgt).

It was then time for some shopping in the Pavilion shopping centre. I found the prices to be about the same as Australia, except for the Body Shop which was on sale for about 1/3 of our prices.

We had a nitrogen ice cream as a treat then walked around a bit and went down to the Lot 10 basement food court.

This was a recommendation from our Air BnB host and it was a great place to experience hawker food for those who are hesitant.  The boys tried duck for the first time. There were loads of choices.


We had a very colourful dessert and then it was time to go back to the apartment after another busy day. 

*It was a long walk up the hill in the heat to the bird park, I would strongly suggest forking out for a cab fare! With the combination of monorail, train and walking from our apartment it would have been so much quicker just to get a cab.

*Take lots of water, although you can buy in the park.

*Make sure you arrive in time to see the bird show. 

*Fork out the 35 rgt for the bird photo. Give the assistants your camera and they will also take pictures for you. 

*The Lot 10 hawker foodcourt is great way to try hawker food - highly recommended.

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