Friday, November 7, 2014

Day 7, Memories of Malaysia, Pinang Peranakan Museum

The Pinang Peranakan Museum in Georgetown was another stop on our trishaw tour. The mansion was set up as a museum showcasing Chung Keng Quee (Kapitan) from China who made his fortunes in the city. He commissioned his stately mansion to be built incorporating the strong Peranakan architectural design. It was lavishly furbished with elegant ceramic floor tiles from England, beautiful iron casted art work from Scotland for the balconies and railings and elegant carved-wood panels and screen for the doors and walls from China.

The building was refurnished and turned into a “Baba Nyonya” Museum to showcase the lifestyle and culture of the eclectic Chinese Straits Settlement in Penang called the Peranakan. The gentlemen were known as “Baba” and the ladies as “Nyonya”. The Peranakan is a unique community that have blended Chinese and Malay customs, language, fashion and cuisine, over centuries.
The mansion sits on a land belonging to the headquarters of the Ghee Hin Clan which in fact was his rival.

The inside of the building is filled with artifacts display and thousands of antiques and collectables. I was a bit worried that we were going to break something!

Beautiful stained glass windows. 

 A courtyard between two wings of the building.
 In the dining area. The screen behind is made from teak wood and the table had beautiful glass works.
 Sitting to the side of the dining table with more beautiful furniture. We had to take our shoes off to tour the building, so we look all glam in our socks!

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