Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Over the past month or so, I have used my machine to embroider a couple of different masks just for a bit of fun with the boys.

Firstly, the boys asked for a sleep mask. This one suited Mr J. The colours I used made it look like the pirate was a bit seedy though and needed some more sleep! I also forgot to add in the black fabric for the patch but the boys didn't notice. The design is from SWAK embroidery.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I made a few tiger masks.

Mr K selected a white felt as the base. Mr J selected the yellow felt. Mr K said the white version looked more like a super bunny, but later he agreed with Mr J that he was actually a snow leopard.

The tiger masks were from a package of animal masks from Embroidery Super Deal. I embroidered on felt with double tearaway stabiliser. I enlarged the design slightly and didn't use the suggested craft foam underneath the felt. The designs turned out fine, and the boys enjoyed playing with them for the remainder for the afternoon. They helped with the thread colour changes and starting the machine between rethreading.

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