Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Young Einstein knit

Our winter is too short for a long-sleeved cardigan, so I knitted up a short-sleeved version of a Young Einstein by Julia Stanfield. If you would like the pattern, it is available for purchased on Ravelry. I used the remainder of the 100pure wool from a previous project. The size is to fit three months and all the babies I know are older than that now, so it will sit in the baby present box waiting to be gifted. 

I highly recommend the pattern. If I have the patience and time, I could even knit one up for the boys (in a boy colour) as it is a unisex cardie. Here's the pattern description: 

An easy to knit, seamless & versatile pattern for a unisex jacket/cardigan.
Great for wearing out and impressing people with your knitting whilst keeping kids warm, or for playing around in the backyard.
Complete with a pick ’n’ mix of options - hoods, collar, pockets!
Young Einstein is a seamless pattern. The V-neck makes it perfect for infants as it sits low enough to suit children who dislike wool sitting high around their neck or to accommodate a bib.
Sizing for the pattern ranges from newborn up to 10 years (15-28 inch chest)
It can be knit in either DK (8ply) or worsted weight (10ply) as long as a 20sts gauge is achieved. 
Information is also provided for substituting yarns of other weights.