Sunday, October 12, 2014

Memories of Malaysia - Day 4 Part 2 Berjaya Times Square

After a rest and a swim we headed out for dinner at Berjaya Times Square. This shopping centre wasn't far from our apartment and we took the monorail (just one stop).

We checked out the indoor archery centre but our boys were too young to try.

We then went up to the top floor to look at the indoor roller coaster and amusement centre. Unfortunately you could only buy an all day pass for 130 rgt each so that was a bit disappointing. We had a look around the rest of the shopping centre but there was no inspiring shopping (mostly independent stores, a Borders and electronics) and we were all tired.

Dinner was at Subway and we grabbed some groceries including carrots from Australia! The best part of the evening was the Grand Musical Staircase. Apparently it cost $1.5m rm and took 13 weeks to build.  The landing area of the staircase had liquid panels that produced ripples with every footstep. That was pretty cool!

Memories of Malayasia - Day 4 KLCC Park, Central Market, Chinatown (part 1)

Day 4 was a mixed day of sightseeing and started with a fabulous breakfast at our now favourite breakfast cafe. This time we tried banana roti. There were a few taxis parked outside so we took one into the city so we could catch a bus around to the Central Market area.

The buses, like the trains, are clean and modern although you are bombarded with video clips and ads on the tv screens. I suppose at least it is entertaining! Despite my prior research, we hopped on the wrong bus (there are circle buses free for going around the city centre) and ended up being directed to get a train to Central Market. Instead, we headed back to the KL park area around the fountains for a little play. The boys had their swimming gear for a swim (it was so humid!) but the pool area was closed.

Then we headed back to the train to find our way to Central Market. Central Market is basically a collection of souvenir shops aimed at tourists. They are a bit more pricer than outdoor markets but it is tidier and airconditioned (and less touting). We had a look around and then ended up at another fish spa as Mr J had been pestering all morning. This one had bigger fish so 15 minutes was enough to cool off and relax our feet after all the walking. The boys were not so keen on this fish spa as the fish were almost three times the size as the other ones.

Notice how the fish were flocking to Brett's feet.

We then headed over to Chinatown to find somewhere for lunch. The boys didn't like the markets with the stall holders quite vocal and a bit pushy in trying to get them into their shop. It was not my favourite place and the boys found it confronting and confusing. We did see chestnuts roasting but didn't buy any.

This is where we purchased some t-shirts for our nephew. Mr J was the star of the store and this shop assistant asked for a photo with him.

We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant (being that we were in Chinatown) which was OK but I has the worst MSG dreams that night. We went into one of the more expensive (in KL terms) restaurants to enjoy the air conditioning Then it was time to head back to the apartment for a rest and swim.