Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nine things at nine months

Our little baby is now nearly nine months! Where has that time gone?? His nine things about him at nine months
1. Has two teeth
2. Can "shake" a rattle when you say "shake, shake" and bounce in his jolly jumper when you say "jump, jump", can poke out his tongue
3. Loves food
4. Playing in the bath is his favourite time
5. Commando crawls from a to b by pushing himself around the floor
6. Things Harry the puppy is very funny
7. Likes making sounds, "da da", "ma ma" and "ga ga"
8. Is attracted to power leads, power points and kitchen drawers
9. Is messiest at meals times, tries to feed himself and the food ends up everywhere!


Susan C said...

Wow isn't he getting big and I love that red hair.

Craig & Robyn said...

Oh he looks so cute! And realy he above average for his height? Maybe I'm just used to looking at my little Kaiden who must be the chubbiest bubby in Tasmania :-P
Isn't it amazing how quickly they learn to do new things. Both our Kaiden's are clever little things :-)