Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mathilda's market

Last Sunday I spent a wonderful morning admiring other people's crafty works with my partner-in-craft Nerida . And while my booty come no where near the wonderful haul for girls showcased on Nerida's blog craftjuice, I did manage to pick up this for K. There is a big hole in the market for quality boys' wear I think. The cord pants come from the Little Brown Mouse (unfortunately or is that fortunately? their website is down at the moment so I can't see what else they have in store.)

Monsters BEWARE!

At our very first crafty night over at Nerida's I had this idea of using the monster colour-in sheet that comes with the very fab indeed Mixtapezine as an applique pattern. Ta da! Here's the final version which I put the last couple of stitches in today (he was hidden in the deep, dark corner of my craft drawer and rediscovered 30 minutes ago).

Scrapping mojo

Lately things have been slow on the scrapbooking front. I guess I've been seeing more purpose and enjoyment from sewing but suddenly I've had the urge to do a couple of pages (it's not as if I'm lacking photos). But don't get too excited..the Dora layout I started ages ago (last May at the scrapbooking retreat in fact) and the other I used a tutorial on the Basic Grey website - anything to reunite my scrapping mojo! Maybe more to come...or maybe not (I have a long list of sewing that I want to do...)
PS but how sad is this, it has been so long that we I filed the Basic Grey page away I found that I had already scrapped that photo.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Santa pants

Another one of my unofficial goals is to try to use up some of the fabric in my stash. So I whipped up this simple pair of track pants for K for winter. Using pattern Burda 9822 and polar fleece from Spotlight. K tried them on and called them "Santa pants" then promptly asked for "hat". Funny boy! I think I'll try to get a little iron on motif to make them less "Santaerish". They look very plain so they would look better with the side trim as per the pattern (which I left off).

Little jacket WIP

Since my WIP Wednesday no longer exists, I'm trying to finish something off from my pile of WIPs before I start something new. I started making this little jacket when K was a little baby, obviously never finished for him to wear. It fits aged six months so I doubt that this bub will get a look in with it either. So I'm looking for someone to have a baby, preferably a boy, in around December so it can get some winter wear. Jacket using pattern Burda 9831 with polar fleece from Spotlight.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My EB Swap

Sewed by Renae using Ottobre 4/2006, modelled by Kaiden. All fit well and the colours look great. K loves wearing it...we just need some cooler weather. It was a fun swap, and a lovely surprise to open the package and see what someone else had made for K. And as an extra surprise Renae had also included some lovely soft, velour Bubblebubs prefolds and a diaper cover - I'd nearly forgotten how little newborns are and the velour feels so soft.
Thank you Renae

Cupcake Dress Revealed

Dress back

I made this dress for Xena's daughter Jazynthe in the EB children's clothing swap.
Dress front

All in all pleased with how it turned out. Took alot of time to sew given that the dress is 16 different panels, all sewen together and topstitched, plus adding the trim to the bodice and hem panel. Jazynthe has a big smile so I think she liked it - not sure how the fit was though, it's always hard when you don't have a model the right size. It was loads of fun picking fabric and sewing for a little girl for a change. It made me stick to and finish a project on deadline. Thanks to Ingrid for organising.

Before I started working back at work four days a week, I tried to make Wednesday's my WIP day. I did one WIP Wednesday and to finish one item off, a pair of shorts for K. I preferred this pattern in the baby cord, not so much this version. The denim is a bit stiff and I don't like the different fabric for the pockets. I do like the topstitching in red though. Sorry the photo is a bit washed out because of the flash - must remember to take photos during the day!

Monday, March 16, 2009

EB Children's Clothing Swap Sneak Peek

I have been tearing my hair out over the past couple of weeks trying to finish off the outfit for the Essential Baby Children's Clothing Swap. I really hope it fits OK and they like it! It was the first time I had used this pattern (being that I normally sew for a boy) and found it took longer than what it looked like it should - lots of top stitching and then with fuzzy, pregnancy brain I needed Brett's help to sort a few things out. Anyway, here's a little sneak peek. I guess no secret now that I'm sewing for a little girl. Parcel is being sent today. Opening day is this Friday.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Our exciting news....

Is that we are expecting a little brother or sister for K, due around 21 August.
Here's the scan at 14 weeks....

K liked coming with us for the ultrasound. While I had to go for a walk to try to get the baby to move into a position to get a good scan, he hopped onto the bed and said it was now "bubby's turn" (he still refers to himself as bubby, never Kaiden!). The scanner obliged by running the ultrasound (turned off) over his belly. Very cute!
So far all is going well. Like with K, hardly any morning sickness, just tiredness. And you can see that at 15 weeks the bump is coming along nicely.....

This is the shirt I embroidered for Kaiden.

Birthday weekend

What a wonderful birthday! Brett surprised me with a night away here....

He also organised for his sister Catherine and her family to come and look after K - our first night away together without him since he was born 26 months ago - and my first ever. Time went so quickly, by the time we had lunch, looked around the shops, had a massage, pre-dinner drinks, dinner then breakfast and time by the pool the next day it was all over. I certainly felt very special and the hotel was spectacular. We didn't take a photo but at night the foyer/bar area was transformed with hundreds of tea lights. A lovely spot during the day too if you wanted high tea or scones...

The room was beautiful....

and a cup of tea tasted extra nice in Versace china....
It was a hard weekend....

but someone had to do it!
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. It was a wonderful weekend and certainly one I will remember and treasure forever.

Pirate fun!

Kaptain K's mate and neighbour, Luke, celebrated his 3rd birthday with a pirate-themed party. In line with the theme, I decorated a couple of shirts as a present for Luke, one with a pirate applique from a past Handmade issue and the other with machine embroidery. I also embroidered a shirt for K.