Friday, May 27, 2011

Flirt skirts

The latest book to arrive in my letterbox is "Flirt Skirts" by Patti Gilstrap and Seryn Potter. This book features three basic skirts - a-line, pencil and flared and different ways to customise them. If you are a skirt lover, like me, but are looking for ways to jazz them up, this is a great book. Although there are a couple of ideas I'll be steering away from (like the 'bustle' back - I don't think I need to add more fabric to my rear....) and overall I think more attention could have been paid to how the photos were styled. I do like though the instructions in the front of book on how to get a good fit and picked up a few hints on how to ensure a good fit. I better get onto doing some sewing for myself!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A little Olearia

If I haven't told you before, I should have mentioned that every little girl (up to size eight) needs an Olearia in their wardrobe. And while I've knitted this pattern before so should know what I'm doing, this one encountered some problems which were set to test me (and my lovely MIL who sorted out the sleeve issue) and to teach me some lessons along the way (like to never use dental floss to hold stitches). This is destined to be a gift for a little girl, and while it is little late it is a size one and fortunately she isn't quite at that age...yet. This pattern is designed by Georgie Hallam (Tikki) who was also the master creator behind the design of my other recently finished knitted item, the Milo vest. This was another project that I was able to finish while waiting at the hospital (just in case you think I'm at home madly knitting)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Quilts for Queensland

During the Queensland floods I felt positively helpless and wanted to find a way to let people know that they were in our thoughts. Retro Mummy is co-ordinating Quilts of Queensland drive and I made some 12 1/2 inch blocks to contribute to the cause.

A handmade quilt is great to snuggle under. It keeps you warm. It can help a house feel like a home. It is like a huge hug.

I've made nine blocks in total which should be enough for a small quilt. It now just needs sashing (the pieces that join the blocks together), backing and quilting. I'm hoping that someone can help with this as I don't have any suitable fabric for this or the time/expertise to do the quilting.

Nine blocks for quilts for Queensland

One of the finished blocks

Most of the fabric was gifted to me by a fellow Essential Baby quilter; some are leftovers from other projects and I bought some small pieces from Spotlight as I don't have much quilting fabric in my fabric stash.

Knitting Milos

 This Milo vest is a nine-month size and features a hugs and kisses cable. It is for a gift.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ruffle romper

Not set to finish with the ruffled bloomers, I made a pair of ruffled rompers. They look very cute and while I haven't seen what look like on, the photos here do not do them justice. I think that it adding snaps to the bottom to make nappy changes or toilet training easier for this size (size three) would be a good idea. Here's the link to a finished pair by the pattern designer Tie Dye Diva to give you an idea of the finished look.

quilter's cotton from Spotlight
Made for: Lily
Pattern: Tie Dye Diva, size 3, Ruffle Romper (no pattern alterations)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ruffle pants and swing top

It seems like ages since I have posted about a finished item. I have been crafting; just the time has been shortened, especially as I have been feeling tired at night and knitting a few rows here and there is more appealing. Now also that I'm working full-time my crafting time will be especially tight. Before I changed working days, I was able to make this cute little ensemble for a work friend's little girl. The cuteness factor is huge!! It was also a change to fiddle and learn how to use my new overlocker which deserves a post of its own. The patterns were super easy, especially with doing the rolled hem on my overlocker and for extra cuteness I made a covered button for the back.

Ruffle pants back

Front of the whole outfit showing the swing top

Back of the whole outfit

Made for: Miss Lily, aged nearly 3
Fabric: Cotton from Spotlight
Patterns: Tie Dye Diva