Sunday, March 7, 2010

My "not quite a Milo"

The Milo is an easy vest pattern but somewhere I got a little lost and instead I turned it into this....still looks nice especially on our gorgeous boy. It will be great to wear as the weather turns cooler and I added a little extra length to last him through the winter months.

This month he will be SEVEN months, and he ....
* Can nearly sit up by himself unsupported (especially loves it in the bath so he can play with his big brother)
* Loves kicking. If I'm breastfeeding him while on the computer he loves banking his legs on the table and cracking himself up with laughter
* Makes people smile, lots of comments on happy, smiley and gorgeous he is. This guy is a heartbreaker!
* Lots of "talking" bubbly noises and cute laughter.
* Loves his tucker. Has to eat the same food as us, no jar food for this little guy.
* Gives my breast a little massage or rub when he is feeding. He still loves his breastfeeds although they are fairly well spaced out now.
* Can propel himself across the floor at good speed although not crawling. The wooden floors are great for sliding.

Weighs 8 kilos
Height 71cm
Head circumference 45cm

Saturday, March 6, 2010

On a roll

Quick, easy, great birthday gifts! I've made a bunch of pencil/crayon rolls using the simple tutorial on Novy's website.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Maisie's smockie

I just knew that my cousin Cheryl would have a special little girl join their family - I was really hoping and even started knitting a cute little dress before the due date in anticipation.....luckily I made the three to six months size because I finished it just in time to mail for the three-month mark! My first foray into bigger knits (well bigger than a beanie or short pants) and I mastered even more techniques this time including knitting into a stitch and mattress stitch. My skills are ever expanding! I can't wait to see little Maisie wearing this.