Friday, July 24, 2009

Wildlife show

This afternoon Kaiden made a special trip back to daycare to see the wildlife show. Apparently he had to pulled back several times as he was so keen to touch the snakes and crocodiles - this child has no fear! Swimming lessons also started back again this morning. As he got out of the pool he gloated to Brett, "I'm too fit for you". What a funny boy!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The adventures of Terry Teddy

During the past week we have had a guest in our house..Terry Teddy from daycare. It was an extra busy week with lots of adventures.
Firstly, we stopped at Nan and Pop's place on the way to Maryborough. Saturday was spent having fun at the Samford Show with some animal patting and rides.

Kaiden met up with his good buddy Luke and they had a great time.

We lit a huge bonfire at Grandad's place and visited Great Aunty Ruth and Great Uncle George.

Then when we got home we all went to the dentist. Teddy had a check-over first and then it was Kaiden's time - his first.

As in usual Kaptain K style he took it all in his stride and said big "ahhhhs" for Dentist John to have a look in. All looked good, some mottling on the back teeth which is apparently usual for toddlers given it a hard place to brush (or for the parents to brush) and there is some protrusion of the front teeth, most likely hereditary (Brett had bad buck teeth before braces).

Will see how that progresses over time and who knows what the approach to braces will be in five year's time.
I bet Terry Teddy was happy to be back at daycare today, for a little break before his next adventure.

Baby photos

Here's the very cute Turtle at 33 weeks. It is amazing the detail from the ultrasound. We don't have a photo of Kaiden to compare it with because at the scan at the same stage Kaiden didn't want to show us his face but Turtle was a bit more co-operative! We had this scan to check the position of the placenta which showed everything had moved up and was looking good! Turtle has an above average head circumference and femur length so I wonder if that means a big head and long legs?