Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Andy time

On Sunday we went to the Children's Festival being held as part of the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Art Gallery. We had a great time, lots of fun for Kaiden in the activities especially for under fives and then noodles at the Japanese restaurant at Southbank (he loves noodles!).
Here's the portraits we 'made' in the photo booth

In one area the toddlers could 'play' with large (empty) soup cartons and there was another section with giant silver balloons (unfortunately we couldn't take a photo as the exhibit's copyright belongs to the Prague art gallery).
You may see the graze near his eye. Kaiden fell over at day care, Brett had to fill in an incident report but luckily it didn't come up as a black eye like we thought it might. Apparently Kaiden didn't seem all that upset by it all so obviously it wasn't too bad at the time.

He's also wearing my sewing projects week 1 and 2, an appliqued puppy t-shirt and matching pair of pants.

Tips 4 Santa

New layout - papercraft project 3 for the month.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Here's my No 1 sewing item for the year. A simple pair of pull-on pants (actually they are called 'britches') for Kaiden with a simple pocket and cuff detail.
Back pockets

Christmas lights

Another catch-up. We are little bit obsessive about Christmas lights, each year increasing our collection. This year we added the long rope lights, big blow up tree, stars and angel. It all started with our neighbours two doors down, the Wakefields, who have a gorgeous Christmas lights display but there is just a touch of rivalry to see what is new to the lights' collection. Here's our house 2007

Flash-back to 2006...

The phone

Kaiden loves his new phone which he received from Nan and Pop for his birthday.
Mmmmmm..nearly right!

Christmas Day

Better late than never...
We had a wonderful Christmas day. A day with the family, the usual flurry of present opening, a lovely lunch, a swim in the pool (for those who were game, the water was a bit cool), playing with new toys, more food, lots of laughs together.

Santa bought some wonderful presents for Kaiden...

this fab rugby shirt with his own name

a knitted soaker made by Sharyn from Virgo Knits who has a craft stash that outdoes anyone I know, she calculated that her new house would need six single car garages to accommodate her knitting machines, sewing and wool stash, plus tables she uses for quilting!

dump truck and decorated initial and utility box (see previous posts).

From us Kaiden received a set of blocks and ride-on cow (hard to describe but trust me it will be fun), a train from Nan and Pop, stick-on non-slip bath stickers from Lynda, cute shoes and socks from Toula, romper and book from the Wakefields, Little people builders from the Lindsays, money from Grandad (will buy something fun) and tambourine turtle from the Marsdens.

Our neighbour Vicki gave me this wonderful covered diary in velvet...lovely to stroke!

Some photos from Christmas day...
Kaiden gives cousin Jared some Christmas cuddles

kisses for Daddy

Jared loves Christmas

So does our nephew Tom

Harry doesn't worry about the wrapping

We smashed open the pinata on Boxing Day. This is our nephew Ben (under the pillowcase) in action.

First day at daycare

These posts will be a mixed up in date order but it's catch up time...
Yesterday Kaiden had his first day at day care. He's going two days a week (Thursdays and Fridays) until my work days are sorted out/confirmed and then we will drop one of the daycare days and Brett will do a Daddy daycare.

We spent a little bit of time together at daycare on Tuesday and Wednesday as a warm-up and he loved it! Lots of cuddles from other babies (especially the chicks), exploring from one end of the grounds to the other, babbling and enjoying an afternoon tea. I was a bit worried about how he would go being away from us, being that Kaiden has only had one day away from both of us and that was back in April/May last year when I had my wisdom teeth out.

There was no need to worry....he loved every minute of it and when we came to pick him up it was like, "OK you're here, now I'm off to explore over here...." Living up to his nickname of Kaptain Kaos, one of his first actions of the day was to proceed to climb up the stairs of the little fort in the outside area and proceed to try to go down the slide...until he was stopped! He was apparently very pleased with himself. He ate all his meals, had a good nap, had loads of fun. *Sigh* life at home with Mummy will probably seem so boring now.

I was a bit sad when I dropped him off, another milestone in our lives, but there are still so many more adventures to have!

P.S. Pretty sad but the carer said that Kaiden knew when the camera was being pointed to him and turned around and smiled! That's my boy....