Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Doll's Quilt / Wall Hanging Swap

(Photo by Tina)

It has been quite a while since I have unveiled a major finished item and this is the reason why. I have been concentrating on this wall hanging for the Doll's Quilt Swap on the Essential Baby forum for the past month (apart from a few little projects here and there).

My partner was Tina who requested a wall hanging for her little girl's room. The colours in the room are aqua and red and she was after something with a 'whimsy' feel, think "Alice in Wonderland".

I have such great sewing friends on EB and this lovely lady came to my rescue again with a bundle of aqua and red, including some fabrics which were exactly the same as quilt in Tina's daughter's room.

So I sketched out a design based on a pattern in a Homespun magazine then found this hand embroidery pattern which I happened to already have saved in my files.

Add some fabrics from Spotlight, a few from local quilt shops and some many nights doing the embroidery and she all came together.

But then I had no idea how to quilt it. Fortunately, another very talented EB quilter, Emma, saved me with a diagram and then I set forth to quilt.

There were so many things which were 'new' for me in the process. I'd never made pinwheels (aren't they a type of sandwich?) or pierced together my own patchwork design. I'd never binded a quilt and never made my own label.

But I still gave it a go, and even pierced together fabric to make the backing fabric.

I'm really pleased with how it all turned out. I think would look fantastic on a little girl's wall. Especially if you like aqua and red.