Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two weeks old...

While Jordan is one month tomorrow, I'm still catching up on my blog posts. This is an update from week two....

Jordan is growing bigger every day. His eyes are more open and he is certainly taking in all that is happening around - especially his loud, singing big brother. Also at two weeks:
* Jordan's dry peeling skin has almost gone - it doesn't look so much like he needs some exfoliation.
* Is in 0000s (was from birth). Now winter has seemed to have gone, I had a look at what Kaiden wore (tiny five 0's) in his first month. They are so tiny and just no way that Jordan will fit them. So I gave them a good cuddle, had a sigh and packed them away. Just need to convince Brett now that it is OK to chop them up to make a memory quilt.
* Is still unsettled at night but watching less of sci-fi and more of the business channel around 2am (is that when the US stock market opens?)
* Is a real cuddly bunny and loves a good cuddle or lying on Mummy's shoulder to go to sleep. I'm taking in the moment of enjoying the soft baby breath on my cheek :).
* Has regained all of this birth weight, and a bit more, weighing in at around 3.8kg.
* Kaiden is taking opportunities to get into mischief, the latest being getting into Daddy's shaving cream (we were wondering why it was so quiet in the bathroom!). He still loves his little brother but is looking for some attention as well - asking for cuddles, mostly from his Daddy.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

One week old...

already.....regular feeds, unsettled between 10pm and 1am, getting some quality sci-fi channel viewing with Daddy during these late hours, lots of sleeping and coping with a rowdy big brother who loves giving head pats and yelling "we must save him" when he cries and occasionally requests that Jordan goes "back in his bucket" (the car carrier). Seen here modelling a "sack hat" knitted by me, finished the day before he was born.

Monday, August 17, 2009

There's a house in my Mummy's tummy

I'm not normally into sharing belly photos, but I just love this one of K taken on Tuesday, a couple of days before Jordan's arrival. Most people have been asking us if K knew what was going on...I'm still not exactly sure but we were reading "There's a house in my Mummy's tummy" for the last couple of weeks, K came to the scans with us and he would often sit and feel Jordan moving and shout "Get out Turtle!". When he first saw Jordan in the hospital he yelled out "Baby" by the next day Pop had taught him to say "Baby Jordan" and he says that he is a "big brother". He is fascinated by watching Jordan feed and asks if he can get him a bottle. Sometimes he "helps" by getting a nappy or carrying in clothes or a towel at bathtime. So far he has taken to Jordan's arrival well, he is a wonderful big brother.

Turtle has arrived!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Presents for Mac

When we were on holidays down the coast, I ventured into an op shop and found this perfect little girl's shirt. I appliqued on an owl and flowers taken from the pattern in Handmade Vol 25 No 12 which was originally designed for a wall print, and here it is. The purse was a WIP that I had for ages and thought it deserved to be finished and to be given a home.

Christopher and Raff

I think Christopher liked his present....then it was time for a nap. So cute, and cannot, cannot believe that he is already two months old.