Sunday, February 14, 2010

EB New Year Swap 2010 sent

Here's part of what I sent to Becanne - Mitch the Monkey. The idea was to make something from a list of three. Bec's list of three was more like a list of 20, quite long and open and I deliberated for a while on what to make. In the end I decided to make a softie for her little boy, Jack. Jordan loved Mitch too and before he was packed up for his new home he gave him a good wrestle. It was hard to let him go. Mitch was made using a Funky Friends pattern and I see that Pauline now has kits in store which is a great idea as it can be hard to find fleece in Brisbane during summer. I made a little bag for Mitch to travel in on his journey to Jack's place, for Jack to use either as a library bag or whatever. I accidently deleted the other photos I took before they went so I have "stolen" the first two photos from Bec's blog. Check out the action shot of Mitch on the bike on Bec's blog!

2010 January challenge

Carolyn is running a 2010 12 month challenge with the January challenge being to sew something for yourself. I cheated just a little as this skirt was nearly finished but as I struggle to finish projects off, I figured it really was a challenge for me! It is a wool fabric so all ready now for winter. It was started about three years ago......

Sugar baby vest

Progress is going well on Kaiden's Sugar Baby vest, so far, so good. I was very excited when I found a pair of cord pants purchased last year but not worn because they were a bit big. They have plenty of length in the leg so will be fine for this year and a perfect match for the vest. I have finished the back and the patch pocket on the vest and now started on the front.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Six months already!

Jordan loves...
...his food - we can't eat without him having some too.
...rolling from side to side and onto his tummy then back onto his back
...his tummy time
...playing with his big brother, he seems to be a bit lonely when he isn't around

...recognises his name (Kaiden yells it at him enough times during the day) getting alot more hair
...wakes once or twice during the night depending on whether I stay up to give him a dreamfeed at 10 / 10.30pm
...weighs 7470 grams 70cm long (75th percentile)
...has a head circumference of 44.4cm