Monday, December 28, 2009

EB Secret Santa 09 Sent

I went with a 'cooking theme' sending my parcel of goodies to *Rubes* (who doesn't have a blog). An album of Christmas recipes, an apron using this pattern and more Christmas fabric from Lincraft and an embroidered tea towel.

EB Secret Santa 09

Wow! What a lucky girl am I? Look what I received in the EB Secret Santa swap, some gorgeous handmade jewelery - a necklace and bracelet. There was also a very nice smelling candle which I could smell through the packaging but unfortunately it didn't make it through our Brissie heat (and probably being kept inside the postie's van in a very hot day). I'm not exactly sure who sent it to me..maybe it was Indomum (who doesn't have a blog that I know of). Whoever it was - thank you!!

Present for Mac

A little girl's top in Christmas fabric from Lincraft, the blue fabric from Spotlight, pattern by that*darn*kat

Presents for J

A few little embroidered bibs for the stocking.

Pink Fig Patchwork Skirt

Made this, using this pattern for my niece Lauren. It has lots of twirl!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Montessori Child's Apron

I finished this recently for a Secret Santa swap for a little boy who enjoys a good session of biscuit baking. The pattern was too easy, and I like how it is designed for the child to put on themselves, promoting learning and independence. I think our little chef deserves one too - its on the 'to sew' list for 2010.

Monday, December 14, 2009

The house that Kaiden built

This is the second gingerbread house made here (thanks Rin for the present, its getting lots of use). The first one went to the neighbourhood Christmas party the other day. Kaiden helped decorate this one. Unfortunately the arm and leg of the little gingerbread man is came to an unfortunate, premature end but the remainder made it the playgroup Christmas party this morning.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Four months - Jordan update

We headed up to the chemist to see the health nurse and have a monthly weigh in - Here's the stats:

Weight 6520g up 490g, in the 25th percentile for his age
Length 66 cm up 4cm, in the 85th percentile for his age
Head circumference 42.8cm up 1.6cm 75th percentile for his age

Jordan is still a very smiley boy, loves being the centre of attention. He has discovered that he has a voice and has started blowing raspberries. There is usually one wake during the night for a feed but during the day he tends to cat-nap with a longer sleep in the afternoon. Photos to come...