Sunday, December 23, 2007

Kaiden's birthday party

Kaiden had a lovely birthday party with family and friends back on 16 December. He especially loved his cake which was a bright red racing car track made by me!!

It was the first time he had eaten cake, especially one with butter frosting. I had lots of fun doing it despite a couple of stressful moments (like the failed cake that wouldn't remove itself from the tin!)

Thanks to our friend Nerida who was our 'official photographer' for the day we have heaps of wonderful photos. Here's some pics:

Kaiden and me

I also made these cute little cappuccinos which is a tic toc biscuit with a marshmallow, chocolate freckle and half a peppermint lifesaver iced onto the side.

Enjoying his birthday cake..the aftermath

It's hard to believe our little guy is now ONE. He is definitely more like a toddler than a baby, into EVERYTHING but having lots of fun. Lots of babbling, sometimes loud and punctuated, cries when you stop him doing something he things he will enjoy immensely (like exploring the cupboard, fridge or pantry), and is pulling himself up on whatever he can find (the chair, table, your leg) and has for one brief moment stood by himself. We get waves and claps, little dances to music, he loves clicking his tongue and playing chasey. Just after his birthday party he decided that commando crawling was just too hard so now he does the real thing and is twice as fast! Won't be long now and he will be walking and going even faster (and will live up to my nickname for him of Kaptain Kaiden Kaos).

Visiting Santa

On Friday 14th we went to visit Santa. It was Kaiden's first visit as last year he was still in hospital up until the day before Christmas. So here's our tips for taking your young one for a visit to see the big guy....
1) Go on a day when you know it won't be busy, like a weekday before school holidays if you can.
2) Allow some time for your bub to become aquainted with Santa, after all they haven't met before. See point above. Let them have a chat, look at the decorations together, bond a bit before the pic.
3) To get that 'smile' have your husband jump up and down and wave his arms furiously behind the photographer
4) Enjoy it while you can because next year it will be totally different......

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kaiden's birthday presents

Kaiden has wonderful family and friends, he is so blessed, as well as beautiful cards he received:
*Vroom Vroom vehicles, small table and chairs from Ikea - Mum and Dad (us!)
*Walk 'n' Ride - Uncle Steve, Auntie Netty, Ben, Tom, Abi, Uncle Don, Auntie Rin, Lauren, Jared
*Talking telephone - Nan and Pop
*Money to buy something fun - Grandad
*Aquadoodle - Glen, Yiota, John
*Wooden puzzle - Desley (neighbour)
*10 in the bed book and romper - The Wakefields (neighbour)
*Pull along snail and rashie from Nick and Crystal (neighbour)
*and this amazing Hedgie plus a pattern for robot softies for his Mummy to make from Billy, Nerida and Mackenzie. The hedgie was handmade by the talented crafty Mum Nerida. The wool is so soft and the colours just wonderful!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kaiden update

Length for age - 73cm, 25th percentile
Weight for age - 9.2kg, 30th percentile
Head circumference - 45cm, 25th percentile

Will be back with birthday pics and news. Kaiden went for his injections today but received a "get out of jail free card" as he had a high temperature (we thought it was teething but he has a sore throat/cold).

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Daddy to be

Hard to believe this was nearly one year ago. This is my awkward attempt at a style called "freestyle" scrapbooking. The photo isn't at the best angle but hey I was lying on a bed hooked up to machines and getting ready for surgery. I am glad though that I captured the moment.

Monday, December 3, 2007

It's beginning to feel alot like Christmas

Our Christmas lights are on, the Wakefield's two houses down look spectacular too. I'll have to take some photos soon...they still have a few more lights to put up. Brett just loves it when people walk by or a car slowing moves down the street to have a squizz.
The other night we went into the city to see the lighting of the Christmas tree. The casino building behind looked spectacular with the coloured lights.

And there were these Angels on stilts in the mall....

I was getting lots of Kaiden kisses which consist of a large open mouth 'attacking' your cheek. Very cute and smoochy. The photo was very over exposed from the flash so I've tried to something 'arty' with it.

Here's Brett and Kaiden at the Christmas tree lighting.
Does he look like his Daddy? I think not much...
Another one of our little boy waiting for the tree lights to come on..

I finished another present for Kaiden's santa stocking....a caddy for his room...