Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Back from camping

We're back from camping. A week enjoying the fresh air and open spaces. Harry came too.

First of all we went to Cedar Creek which is at the base of Mount Tambourine. The boys played skirimish in the bush on one of the mornings. Don't know if I would be afraid of this lot. Charlie's Angels they are not!

Here's Kaiden and his cousin Jared enjoying a bath in the laundry tubs. The joys of camping!

After Tambourine Mountain we went to the Queen Mary Falls. The campsite was great despite the many flies! There were lots of colourful birds who liked to occasionally land on Kaiden's head.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reporting in...

Not much to report really. Still working on Dad's book so I am being focused...Now have my own craft desk and the trip to Ikea to get it is a story in itself. Have been sick with a head cold and now have a fester of ugliness growing on my lip known as a cold sore. So I must be a tad run down. Kaiden continues to be a ball of cuteness. Must take more photos. He can go from his tummy to sitting up in a flash and loves making a gargling noise at the back of his throat. Sort of like a gremlin. And there's another sound that sounds more like a goose. Loves a game or two of peek-a-boo, and has nearly learnt how to clap hands. The other week I made up jelly with tinned lychees and Brett remarked how fun it would be to make for kids' parties - like eyeballs. I came across this cake book and wonder how a kitty litter cake, toenail torte or booger bundt would go down at Kaiden's first birthday party!