Monday, September 27, 2010

Olearia - finally something finished!

This little girl's cardie with the gathered bodice was a relatively quick knit (well three weeks is quick for me). It features a gathered bodice and elbow length sleeves. I used a hand-dyed wool based on Bendigo Wool called "Eleanor Rigby" from Whimsical Wool. I think this pattern would look even nicer in a solid colour but I love still how it turned out. Unfortunately, it isn't staying in this household and will be making it's way to a new home soon. Georgie Hallam who wrote both the Milo and Olearia pattern is certainly a very talented designer and I would certainly recommend this pattern to others as it comes with lots of options - shrug, cardigan - all over gathering and different sleeve lengths. I believe she has boy patterns in the pipeline - I can't wait to see what she will release.

Puppy cake

The other week Brett decorated a puppy cake for twins who were celebrating their third birthday. The bones were my idea but he did the puppy design based on a photo of a similar cake on the internet. The bones were my contribution! We happened to have 'Arnie' visiting from Kaiden's daycare. He was suitably impressed by the cake.

EB Doll's Quilt Swap - fabrics

Here's a sneaky look at some of my fabrics for the doll's quilt. There are a few more than these which arrived in the post the other day thanks to a generous EB friend.

Monday, September 6, 2010

In the boy zone - EB Kid's sewing swap - sent item #2

I challenged myself to make for two people in the swap. After all, it wasn't fair for one of our boys to receive and not the other? The second person I made for was Claire's little boy who is just a little bit younger than Jordan.

I made a pair of Oliver & S shorts and embroidered them with an applique and words in a car theme. The t-shirt was made using an Ottobre pattern and embellished with an applique. I finished off the outfit with a little vest, still going with the car theme.

Fabric: See I am using fabric from my stash!! Shorts made with denim from a Gardams sale purchased 2009. It had been folded for storage so had some fold marks in it which were only slightly noticeable but I couldn't remove them so I created more marks by distressing the fabric some more! I wanted to do some form of distressing anyway. I stitched some seams, then ran over them with sandpaper dipped in bleach, let them dry then unpicked the stitching.

T-shirt made with stretch fabric from Spotlight purchased 2006.

Vest made with Michael Miller fabric purchased from Sewco 2007, lined with denim same as the shorts.

Notions: buttons from a Ravelry swap.

Embroidery: Car and lettering from Bunnycup designs

Patterns: Oliver & S Sailbox pants size 12 - 18 months. I hadn't used this pattern before despite it being in my cupboard for a year. I found these easy to sew but next time would use a lighter weight denim as it was quite thick in parts. The fit is quite trim so if I was making these for Jordan I would increase them in the rise.

Shirt pattern:
Ottobre 1/2008 I found the neck too tight so cut it lower either that or my tester Jordan has a big head. Made a little car applique which is appliqued onto cotton fabric first then straight-stitched to the shirt. I don't think this is my best effort, I don't like stretch sewing!! I don't think making a baby's t-shirt will be in my future again.

Vest pattern:
Free pattern download from Leila & Ben

EB Kid's sewing swap - received for Jordan

We received this very cute little outfit (I now have the best-dressed boys in town) from Naomi who lives in Maryborough. And yes, Naomi I hope I can pop in one day when we are up their visiting to say 'hi'. Naomi admitted that was just getting back into sewing again but when you see this outfit you would never know! Unfortunately it was a bit hard to photograph on a little boy who would not sit still but there is a denim vest with pockets and topstitching, a pair of denim shorts (I love the topstitching on these especially), a t-shirt with a cute puppy embellishment and hat. Naomi also crochets and sent a beanie for the cooler weather and some special treats for me - a pincushion and some chocolates!!!
Thanks Naomi - the way you styled this outfit is just amazing. There are some closer looks on Naomi's blog

EB Kid's sewing swap - received for Kaiden

Kaiden received a 'Woody' inspired outfit from Penny in the eb sewing swap. Penny has some great photos over on her blog showing all the detail in these. The shorts have adjustable elastic in the waitband, are top stitched and have little rivets. The top is western-style with pearl snaps and topstitching. She did an amazing job. Brett commented that it looked so professional! Thank you Penny. We love the outfit and the 'Woody' vest was a great surprise.

I believe you can fly

I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away
I believe I can soar
I see me running through that open door
I believe I can fly

Kaiden, at 3 and 3/4 you take a footpath and turn it into a runway. A box is a car. Fireworks aren't red and yellow - they are apples and bananas. My gorgeous boy.

Releasing my inner girl.....

The EB kid's sewing swap is the one time of the year that I can go "girly" with my sewing. This year I sewed two outfits, one was for Lisa's little girl Ashley. Lisa has included a pic of the dress I made being worn, plus the photo from the Ottobre magazine on her blog Beetlehouse Designs. I also took a photo of the dress before it left but it was hard to photograph well.

The outfit is the Romantic Dress and underskirt from Ottobre Issue 3/2007. It was quite easy to make once I worked out how to sew it up as the instructions in Ottobre are quite basic and there are no pictures / diagrams to guide you as you go along. It has given me more confidence in sewing from the Ottobre magazine and I loved making something different to what I normally might sew.

The dress can be worn with the underskirt although I put an extra button down lower as I thought it could always be undone to let the underskirt show through.

A special thank you to Karen for her advise with button placement and the girls over at Crafty Mama's who gave me lots of help with my Ottobre questions!

And I can't forget Kaiden...about half-way through making the dress I realised the Kaiden and Lisa's little girl were very similar with their measurements. While Kaiden did think the dress was very pretty, there was only so many times I could bribe him with chocolate to try it on for size.

Pattern: Ottobre Romantic Dress and underskirt Issue 3/2007
Fabric: Lincraft purchased July 2010
Notions: Ribbon, lace trim from Lincraft. Lace dyed grey to match the fabric. Buttons from Spotlight