Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Andy time

On Sunday we went to the Children's Festival being held as part of the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Art Gallery. We had a great time, lots of fun for Kaiden in the activities especially for under fives and then noodles at the Japanese restaurant at Southbank (he loves noodles!).
Here's the portraits we 'made' in the photo booth

In one area the toddlers could 'play' with large (empty) soup cartons and there was another section with giant silver balloons (unfortunately we couldn't take a photo as the exhibit's copyright belongs to the Prague art gallery).
You may see the graze near his eye. Kaiden fell over at day care, Brett had to fill in an incident report but luckily it didn't come up as a black eye like we thought it might. Apparently Kaiden didn't seem all that upset by it all so obviously it wasn't too bad at the time.

He's also wearing my sewing projects week 1 and 2, an appliqued puppy t-shirt and matching pair of pants.


Nedsy said...

Don't sweat the incident reports at day care - I fill in one EVERY DAY Miss M is there. Last week it was a tooth through the lip in the sandpit and day before was a smashed finger in the cupboard. That was also the day I picked her up literally head to toe in red paint. It looked like a bizarro fake tanning incident...

AND what's with the 'no photo' thing at the freakin' Silver Clouds Warhol thing. I was so mad I almost went and bought 20 casks of wine and a helium tank for the lounge room, but knew it would only end in tears...

LOVE your pop-photos!


Susan C said...

Love your PopArt photos. Pity you couldn't take photos in the exhibit.

Chrissy said...

How COOL does your little man look in his ultra sweet puppy shirt?!! :-) You are a clever cookie!