Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quick update

Still lots of photos to load I have made three softies plus nearly finished two scrap pages so I better get onto that.....
But the big question is where is my baby going?
Kaiden is walking confidently (except when he still decides it is still quicker to crawl), nearly needs a hair cut, says words like "garden" and "light", knows EXACTLY what he wants like the cake on the bench or the fridge to stay open, or to keep his fingers in the pantry PLUS today at daycare the carers asked Brett if it was OK to start trying his naps on the mat as soon he will be moving up to the toddler room. WHAT? No more baby room for him soon. He will just love that being with the big kids. AND in swimming he is diving under the water and will soon start lessons in the pool by himself (with Daddy on the side). He is growing up too quickly. Soon it will be driving lessons and nights out with his friends.


Susan C said...

I keep on saying the same thing about Christopher, wondering where the last 9 years have gone. I'm sure he was only crawling yesterday.

Chrissy said...

He's still your baby love. Mine are actually doing those trips out with friends, etc etc now. Wah!!!