Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A few things we have been up to....

Last week we took a family trip to Dreamworld which we all loved. The best bits were
feeding the baby animals

going on the teacup ride and being able to make the cups spin
and getting aquainted with Dora the Explorer although it took a little while for Kaiden to warm to her.
On the home front...nudie runs after baths are a popular pastime

Kaiden MUST feed himself.
Loves looking in the mirror.
Favourite word is "ouchish".
Can follow simple instructions, like "take this to Daddy".
Recognises objects (especially cars!)
Recognises the actions that go with certain songs.

1 comment:

Susan C said...

Christopher used to like the nudie run through the house after a bath too. Now he prefers the bathroom-bedroom dash with a towel around his 'important' bits. Oh have things changed.

(nice prop arrangement btw to keep the pic G rated).