Monday, November 3, 2008

EB Secret Santa swap

The ladies in the sewing group over at the Essential Baby are having a Christmas swap. Here are some Q and A's to help my swapee..

Would you like something handmade as a gift? Yes but it doesn't worry me if there is nothing handmade.

Do you have a favourite Christmas Colour? You obviously haven't seen our house at Christmas - any colour goes but I love purple decorations for the tree.

Do you decorate the whole house or just a part of it? Yes the whole house, the front lawn, the fence, the deck......

Do you have any Christmas Traditions? We normally just have a family Christmas get-together.

What sizes are your children? Kaiden is a size two.

Do you like quick projects or things that take a little longer? I like anything that I can actually get around to finishing.

Is there anything that you like to collect? Craft magazines, buttons, patterns, fabric, I'm a shop-a-holic when it comes to sewing!

What fun!


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