Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tommy Turtle

Jordan's nickname before he was born was "turtle", so for Christmas I made him one using another Funky Friend's pattern. I gave personalised him by embroidering Jordan's initials onto his underbelly. The cheeky thing snuck into Jordan's cradle this morning to say 'hello' before he is wrapped and put away ready for the big day. Then he went for a little look out in the garden although it won't be long before he comes out to play again. I used the same fabric as I did for the giraffe (from Lincraft) with some fabric from my stash for the underbelly.


AJ said...

Oh Cute Susan!! Love the name connection!

Beetlehouse Designs said...

Susan, that turtle is the sweetest turtle I have ever seen. Gorgeous baby photos too of course!!!

Austy's Mum said...

Cute! He is looking even more adorable every day and I love your turtle. I was looking on that website today looking for baby blankie comforter patterns and saw your giraffe (same fabric?) in their gallery too. Nice one!