Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Make this look - Verily Cowl Neck Dress

I just may have picked up this pattern on the weekend. Vogue patterns were on sale and I couldn't resist!  This pattern was awarded one of the best patterns of 2011 by and has a long list of great reviews. Some versions included added sleeves and a tunic or blouse version.  I think this will be an easy to sew, easy to wear dress and I love the Verily ready-to-wear version in a black and white print. Some style with a belt and a jacket. Another DKNY basic I look forward to adding to my wardrobe.

Make this look - Verily Cowl Neck Dress


Tallygirl said...

It is super easy, I made it twice already. Vogue sale got me too, and the postage cost means you need to buy at least 4 -6 patterns. Lol.

Susan said...

I had this pattern out ready to make but then contemplated how to adjust for my hips and then decided it was too hard and obviously not meant to be for me. thanks for visiting my blog.