Thursday, October 2, 2014

Memories of Malaysia - Day 2, cont

Day 2, cont....

The Petronas Twin Towers are impressive buildings and the stand-out piece of modern architecture in KL. We viewed the towers from the ground and didn't bother buying tickets to go for a tour of the skybridge and observation desk. Guards kept people out of the fountains and were quick to whistle at J who thought it would be fun to run through the shallow water despite our yelling. Brett was approached a couple of times with 'bargains' - watches and a mobile phone.

Following a stroll through the upmarket shopping centre (including a Kate Spade handbag shop) we walked around to the aquarium.

The aquarium was busy but manageable and we saw quite a few animals not here in Australia - piranhas, tarantulas and funny water rats who were gnawing on wood.

Following our visit, it was pouring down so we took the huge covered walkway to the Pavilion shopping centre and settled on lunch at an American ribs place. Expensive for Malaysia at $70 AUS but the serves were generous and enough for dinner later on as well. Not very traditional but filled the hunger spot!

Brett had a small beer.
We had a quick look around the shops. Guards stopped people from walking or sitting on the lovely grass.

There are lots of modern shops in the city centre.
And tea cup fountains.

As we were walking around, we were approached with a flyer for a fish spa and we thought why not? We went up some stairs into a lovely spa/massage shop, called Kinka Spar, where the boys had a great time. The fish gently nibbled our feet which tickled.

The spa was clean and modern and we found the whole experience relaxing and enjoyable. From that point on, J was continuously asking for a fish spa so it must have been good! The spas for the boys were free with our purchase, totalling $20 AUS for the family. We were keen to get back to the apartment as it was now late afternoon but wanted to come back another time to look more closely at the shops.



*Go to this fish spa! It was the most tranquil and professional that we came across in our Malaysia! Do it with kids, they will love it!

*Always carry an umbrella. The day starts sunny and hot and ends with a shower or pouring rain, especially when we visited in October.

*Our boys weren't too excited by the thought of going up in the towers. They were happy to look from the ground and then continue on to the aquarium.Glad we saved our money!

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