Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas is just around the corner...

Brett has started to put our Christmas decorations up outside and I've put the sultanas in rum to soak to start making some rum balls. Problem is that if I make them too early, they will be eaten as quickly as I make them! Kaiden is pulling himself up on everything and anything including my legs and is having some grief with some more teeth that are coming through. I've finished a couple of projects to share...
A monogram K made by Santa's elves

and a ribbon holder for a Secret Santa.

Ho, ho, ho or should that be ha, ha ha?


Chrissy said...

The "K" and ribbon holders are really gorgeous Susan! I'm feeling all Christmasy too. Thought I'd take a break from report cards on the weekend so I dragged the tree out and assembled it (it's a big one). Emmy though insists we wait til the 1st of Dec to put the decos on it for luck! *giggle* What a funny chookie she is. :-)

Can't wait to see your Christmas piccies over the next month love.

Love as always
Chrissy x

Susan C said...

I love that K and what a great idea for using up some of those spiral clips, they look so effective with the buttons. (*assuming of course thats how its done*)

I'm sure your ribbon holder will be very much appreciated. I can never keep my ribbon under control.