Monday, September 22, 2008

Felt food!!!

These are truely good enough to eat...hand-made from felt by me! Everytime I see the doughnuts I get hungry. I made a couple of each type to give away as presents and a set for Kaiden to cook with.


Jodi said...

oh, how cute are those!!

Karen said...

These are gorgeous Susan, did you hand or machine sew them all?
I love them, so cute and yes they look edible.

Brissmiths said...

Hi Karen some I hand stitched but most I sewed by hand once I had done a few and realised how long it would take. The sprinkles on the doughnuts are hand sewen.

candy said...

cute!! love them!!


Susan C said...

Wow these look great and no doubt they will be a favourite play thing.