Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cupcake Dress Revealed

Dress back

I made this dress for Xena's daughter Jazynthe in the EB children's clothing swap.
Dress front

All in all pleased with how it turned out. Took alot of time to sew given that the dress is 16 different panels, all sewen together and topstitched, plus adding the trim to the bodice and hem panel. Jazynthe has a big smile so I think she liked it - not sure how the fit was though, it's always hard when you don't have a model the right size. It was loads of fun picking fabric and sewing for a little girl for a change. It made me stick to and finish a project on deadline. Thanks to Ingrid for organising.

Before I started working back at work four days a week, I tried to make Wednesday's my WIP day. I did one WIP Wednesday and to finish one item off, a pair of shorts for K. I preferred this pattern in the baby cord, not so much this version. The denim is a bit stiff and I don't like the different fabric for the pockets. I do like the topstitching in red though. Sorry the photo is a bit washed out because of the flash - must remember to take photos during the day!


Romi Jade said...

That dress is so beautiful :) I can see how much work was involved too! Very lovely, well done.

Karen said...

Oh the dress in its full glory is lovely - big twirlability factor there!!
My two love anything that twirls out, you've done a great job.
I can't see the pic of the pants though??

Austy's Mum said...

The dress is really pretty but I LOVE those shorts - they look funky with the printed pockets.